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At American Home Maintenance, we take pride in being a luxury contracting company dedicated to serving the North Shore community of Illinois. Our unwavering commitment to our core values of honesty, commitment to service, and respect drives us to deliver exceptional handyman services. With an impressive track record of over 30 years, we bring expertise and skill to every project, offering a diverse range of installations, repairs, remodels, and custom woodworking services.

Choose American Home Maintenance as your go-to partner, and experience the difference our dedicated team can make in maintaining and improving your home.

Our Handyman Services

As your local handyman, there’s virtually nothing we can’t help with! Give us a call today to schedule any handyman services you need — call (847) 807-1583. You can also continue reading for a full list of our handyman services. Take note, if you don’t see the service you need, we still may be able to help, just reach out to us with inquiries!

HVAC Services

We specialize in a comprehensive array of air conditioning services, ranging from the seamless installation of cutting-edge models to meticulous maintenance routines that keep your system purring like a contented kitten. Should any unexpected hiccups arise, fear not! Our North Shore handymen are here to mend the inner workings of your AC unit. And when the time comes for a refreshing change, we offer a seamless replacement process that guarantees the rebirth of cool breezes in your property. From the blissful chill that envelops your living space to the continuous flow of hot water that brings you comfort in the depths of winter, our passion lies in crafting an environment that nurtures both body and soul.


  • Air Conditioner Installation, Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacement
  • Attic Fan Installation, Repair, and Replacement
  • Hot Water Heater Repairs, Installations, and Maintenance

Home Appliance Services

Your appliances maintain a level of comfort and easy living that is indispensable in our daily routines. Our home maintenance company in the North Shore can help you ensure that all of your appliances are in great working condition. From fixing malfunctioning dishwashers to installing new refrigerators, we take care of all your appliance needs. Our services also extend to Chicago bathroom remodeling, where we can help you with the installation and replacement of various bathroom fixtures and appliances.


  • Appliance Installation (dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.)
  • Garbage Disposal Installation, Repairs, and Replacement
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

Exterior Home Renovation Services

As experienced home renovation contractors in Chicago, we are well-equipped to handle all your exterior needs with handyman services throughout the North Shore. Whether you’re looking to simply elevate the allure of your home or you need to repair some faulty structural elements, American Home Maintenance has capable hands you can rely on. From expertly installing and repairing windows to revitalizing your outdoor space with deck repairs and power washing, we offer solutions that transcend the ordinary, harmoniously fusing aesthetics and functionality.

  • Awning Installation
  • Brickwork (Laying New Brick, Repairing Brick Structures)
  • Deck Repairs and Staining
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Driveway Repairs and Patching
  • Fencing Installation and Repairs
  • Gutter Repair and Replacement
  • Mailbox Installation
  • Masonry Work (Tuckpointing, Repairs, and New Installations)
  • Porch Installation
  • Roof Repairs and Replacement
  • Sealing Driveways
  • Screen Replacement and Repairs
  • Shutter Installation
  • Siding Repair

Interior Home Remodeling Services

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, our North Shore handymen have the ability to transform any space. Our abundance of home remodeling services makes for the perfect makeover project. As a trusted renovation company with Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation, we reliably deliver the goods to all of our clients. Our eye for detail encompasses your entire property. In particular, you can have our contractors help with:

  • Basement Cleanups
  • Bathrooms (Remodeling, Toilet Replacement)
  • Caulking (Exterior and Interior)
  • Child Proofing
  • Closet Updates and Expansion
  • Computer Installation
  • Countertop Upgrades
  • Crown Molding Installation
  • Drywall Repair, Texturing, and Painting
  • Electrical Work (Outlet Installation, Wiring)
  • Fixture Installation (Ceiling Fans, Light Fixtures, etc.)
  • Flooring Installation and Repairs (Wood, Carpet, Tile, etc.)
  • Furniture Moving
  • Glass Replacement
  • Grouting of Tile
  • Handrail Installation
  • Hanging of Items (Artwork, Curtains, etc.)
  • Cabinets (Removal, Installation, Repair, and Painting)
  • Insulation Addition
  • Kitchen Remodeling (Fixtures, Counters, Cabinets, Appliances)
  • Large and Small Projects
  • Leak Repair
  • Light Bulb Replacement
  • Lock Installation (Door Locks)
  • Paneling Installation and Painting/Staining
  • Painting (Interior and Exterior, Trim, Cabinetry)
  • Plaster Repair
  • Plumbing Needs (Installation, Repairs)
  • Rust Removal
  • Shower Door Repair and Installation
  • Shower Installation
  • Sink and Faucet Installation, Repairs, and Replacement
  • Carpentry (Interior and Exterior Projects)
  • Sliding Door Installation and Repairs
  • Smoke Detector Installation and Replacement
  • Tile Repair
  • Toilet Repair and Replacement
  • Towel Rack Installation
  • Trim and Molding Installation, Painting/Staining
  • Television Set-Up and Wall Mounting
  • Vanity Replacement (Mirror, Sink)
  • Venting (Ductwork Cleaning, Repairs)
  • Window Installation
  • Window Repair (Moving Components)
  • Wheelchair Ramp Installation
  • Yearly or Monthly Maintenance

Yard and Landscape Services

We help you maintain a yard you can be proud of. From the tender touch of regular yard maintenance, nurturing every blade of grass with tender love, to the grandeur of spring and fall cleanups, sweeping away the remnants of seasons past, we are trained to handle all of the tasks you need.


  • Yard Work (Leaf Raking, Cleanups)
  • Landscape Work (Tree Trimming, Irrigation Systems)
  • Flower Box Installation
  • Sprinkler System Installation, Repairs, and Winterization

Miscellaneous Services

Our mission is simple yet profound: to deliver reliable, efficient, and remarkable solutions that surpass your expectations. Whether it’s a tiny odd job or a complex undertaking, we’re here to bring our expertise, craftsmanship, and attention to detail to every project. Let’s roll up our sleeves and create something truly extraordinary, leaving you satisfied.


  • Battery Back-Up
  • Clean-Ups (Garage, Landscape, etc.)
  • Moving Assistance
  • Pest Control
  • Weather Proofing (Crawl Spaces, Basements)

Available All Hours For Emergency Service

We understand the importance of prompt assistance, which is why we provide a standout feature: our 24-hour emergency service available seven days a week. Our clients can trust us to be there for them in times of urgency, ensuring their peace of mind. As a comprehensive solution for all home maintenance needs, we offer an extensive array of services designed to enhance the safety, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of homes.

Design in the Details

From renovation to repair, installation to restoration, we do it all. Count on American Home Maintenance for everything from handyman services to full renovations. Discover the difference from North Shore’s trusted handyman and contractor company.

A five star experience. He called me back right away. He was friendly and helpful. He showed up when he said he was going to. He diagnosed the problem with my dishwasher. He did all the plumbing and had the right tools in his truck. He charged me a fair price. I highly recommend him.
Ethon has always done a great job for us. For any work, big or small, he gets it done. Because of his experience, his company has helped us solve problems in the home in a very efficient and cost effective manner. We highly recommend Ethon and his company.

– Sally Winter

Ethon knows what he is doing. I had him hang my antique chandelier in my historic home in Lake Forest. He was very careful when moving my furniture & he didn’t scratch anything. He was quick and gracious. I recommend them whole hardily.

– Layla

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